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Welcome to Cluj-Napoca !



 The city of Cluj-Napoca is one of the most important academic, cultural and industrial centers in Romania. Considered to be the historic capital of Transylvania, the country beyond the woods, the city is located in northwestern Romania, and is approximately 480 km northwest of Bucharest (6 hours by car) in the Somesul Mic River Valley .



 The city stands on the site of an ancient Dacian settlement, Napoca, which the Romans made a municipium. You can see the ruins from that ancient time.    

Many buildings that are still here today were constructed in the Middle Ages giving a unique appearance to Cluj-Napoca.



     The architectural style of the town will surprise you with its harmonious mingle of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau styles.

A multicultural town, Cluj-Napoca is offering a lot of attractions, museums and art galleries, theatres and opera houses, sports facilities and cinemas, lots of pubs and restaurants catering for many different tastes.

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   Cluj-Napoca is a special town offering for its visitors unforgettable memories.