8th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Engineering Systems

List of Papers

Paper ID # Paper Title Authors Country Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0101 Prototyping of Boolean Function Classification Schemes for Lossless Data Compression using FPGA M. I. Reaz, F. Mohd-Yasin, M. S. Sulaiman, K. T. Tho, K. H. Yeow Malaysia Final Paper
Kol-0102 Hardware Prototyping of Digital Residential Energy Meter F. Mohd-Yasin, M. I. Reaz, M. S. Sulaiman, F. Choong, A. Alaudeen Malaysia
Kol-0103 Neural Network Linearization of Pressure Force Sensor Transfer Characteristic Irena Kovácová, Ladislav Madarász, Dobroslav Kovác, Jozef Vojtko Slovakia Final Paper
Kol-0104 Wavelet Transform Approach to Rotor Faults Detection in Induction Motors Loránd Szabó, Károly Ágoston Biró, Jenő Barna Dobai, Dénes Fodor, József Vass Romania, Hungary Final Paper
Kol-0105 Genetic Algorithm for Real-Time Scheduling in Distributed Control Systems Gheorghe Sebestyen, Kalman Pusztai, Zoltan Puklus Romania, Hungary
Kol-0106 Quality Development with Six Sigma Method Marianna Lendvay, Attila L. Bencsik Hungary
Kol-0107 Training Feedforward Neural Networks with a Modified Genetic Algorithm D. I. Abu-Al-Nadi Jordan Final Paper
Kol-0108 A Framework for QoS-enabled Middleware Cosmina Ivan Romania
Kol-0109 Dual Phase Control for Null Steering using Beam Space Method T. H. Ismail Jordan Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0110 The “Neocortex” Neural Simulator A Modern Design Raul C. Muresan, Iosif Ignat Romania Final Paper
Kol-0111 Internet Based Remote Patient Monitoring and Diagnostic System Péter Somogyi, Gheorghe Sebestyén, Balázs Benyó Hungary
Kol-0112 Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0113 A Heuristic to Minimize the Equipment Cost for Large Transfer Lines with Operations Parallelization Antoneta Iuliana Bratcu Romania Final Paper
Kol-0114 Use of the Knowledge Base in Computer Aided Planning and Projecting of Assembly Systems Ladislav Madarász, Jozef Kovác, Katarina Senderská, Rudolf Andoga Slovakia
Kol-0115 Distributed Active Object Model Mihaela Ordean, Dorian Gorgan Romania Final Paper
Kol-0116 Communication Protocol Conversion Solved by Discrete Event Supervision Daniela Cristina Cernega, Antoneta Iuliana Bratcu Romania Final Paper
Kol-0117 Grayscale Image Compression Using Backpropagation Neural Network Dubravka Ilic, Ivana Berkovic Serbia and Montenegro Final Paper
Kol-0118 Efficient Erasable Watermark Embedding In Medical Images József Lenti, István Loványi, Zoltán Dezső Hungary Final Paper
Kol-0119 Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0120 Deep Drilling Robot for Subsurface Exploration Takashi Kubota, Keisuke Watanabe, Shingo Shimoda, Ichiro Nakatani Japan Final Paper
Kol-0121 A Linear Sliding Frame - Wall Climbing Robot M. Sankar, R. Siva Rama Krishnan, K. Kalaichelvan India Final Paper
Kol-0122 Transverse Flux Motor Drive Dynamics Ioan-Adrian Viorel, Loránd Szabó, Mircea Gutman, Zoltán Puklus Romania Final Paper
Kol-0123 High-Gain Control of Systems with Arbitrary Relative Degree: Speed Control for a Two Mass Flexible Servo System Hans Schuster, Christian Westermaier, Dierk Schröder Germany Final Paper
Kol-0124 Performance Analysis of Neural Network Based Controller for Nonlinear Systems Mirela Trusca Romania Final Paper
Kol-0125 Application of Rough Fuzzy-Neural Network in Short-Term Load Forecasting Feng Li, Qiu jia-ju China
Kol-0126 Use of ADNC in Analyzing the Firing Patterns in Central Nervous System Zoltán Attila Godó Hungary Final Paper
Kol-0127 Advanced Technologies for Low Cost Safe and Reliable Automobiles for Indian Conditions B. B. Shrivastava India
Kol-0128 Interactivity in Active Objects Model Dorian Gorgan, Vasile Sebastian Cornea Romania Final Paper
Kol-0129 CAD of Optimal Control of The Heat Dissipation in Semi-Infinite Space Daniela Carstea, Ion Carstea Romania Notification Final Paper
Kol-0130 Modeling and Simulation of Industrial Networks With Timed Petri Nets Gheorghe Sebestyen, Péter Keresztes Romania, Hungary
Kol-0131 Integrated Sensors of Rotor Position and Speed Based on Signal Injection for IPM-Synchronous Motor Drives Gheorghe Daniel Andreescu, Ion Boldea Romania
Kol-0132 Projections Based OMR Algorithm Dragan Ivetic, Dinu Dragan Serbia and Montenegro
Kol-0133 Low Velocity Friction Modelling with application for DC Servo Control Lőrinc Márton, Béla Lantos Romania, Hungary Final Paper
Kol-0134 An Access Control model for CORBA Mirel Muresan, Iosif Ignat Romania Final Paper
Kol-0135 A Framework of Reusable Structures for Mobile Agent Development Tudor Marian, Bogdan Dumitriu, Mihaela Dinsoreanu, Ioan Salomie Romania
Kol-0136 Modelling of Anthropomorphic Robots Cornel Brisan, Manfred Hiller Romania, Germany
Kol-0137 OPTCHOICE - Web Enabled Optimal Choice Cornel Resteanu Romania Final Paper
Kol-0138 Vision-Based Path Generation of Mobile Robot for Autonomous Driving under the Unconstructive and Constructive Environment Pangyu Jeong, Sergiu Nedevschi Romania Final Paper
Kol-0139 A Meta-Classifier Architecture for Real-Time Pattern Classification Mihai R. Jalobeanu Romania Final Paper
Kol-0140 Distributed Database System in Interaction with XML, an Identification Problem Gabriel Dragomir, Iosif Ignat Romania Final Paper
Kol-0141 An Architectural Framework for Distributed Monitoring Systems Mihai Dinsoreanu, Iosif Ignat Romania
Kol-0142 Mining Optimized Fuzzy Association Rules Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm Mehmet Kaya, Reda Alhajj Turkey, Canada
Kol-0143 Fuzzy Inference Approach to Multi-Dimensional Sequential Web Mining Tansel Özyer, Reda Alhajj, Ken Barker Canada
Kol-0144 High-Level Robot Programming in a PC-Based Control Environment Matteo Malosio, Matteo Finardi, Simone Negri, Lorenzo Molinari Tosatti, Francesco Jatta Italy
Kol-0145 Combining VQ and DTW in Text Dependent Speaker Verification Petre G. Pop, Eugen Lupu Romania Final Paper
Kol-0146 Intelligent Authoring Shell Based on Web Services Marko Rosic, Vlado Glavinic, Branko Žitko Croatia Final Paper
Kol-0147 A Key Role of Evaluation in Human-Centered Design Process: Methodologies for Authoring Shell's Usability Evaluation Andrina Granic, Vlado Glavinic Croatia Final Paper
Kol-0148 Analysis of Requirements for the Human Machine Interface of Airport Traffic Control Systems Gaspare Galati, Antonello Tassi Italy
Kol-0149 What is our effect size: Evaluating the Educational Influence of a Web-Based Intelligent Authoring Shell? Slavomir Stankov, Vlado Glavinic, Ani Grubisic Croatia Final Paper
Kol-0150 Robust 3D Computer Vision System for Robotic Applications Prohászka Zoltán Hungary Final Paper
Kol-0151 A Multi-criteria Approach to Robot Selection for a Computer Integrated Manufacturing System Hassan Haleh, Kikuo Nezu Japan Final Paper
Kol-0152 Alternative Neural Network Solutions for AC Motor Contol M. Cuibus, V. Radut, V. Bostan, R. Măgureanu Romania Final Paper
Kol-0153 A Model-Based Adaptive-Predictive Algorithm Applied in Tracking Control Radu Bălan, Vistrian Măties, Olimpiu Hancu Romania
Kol-0154 A Control Algorithm for Non-linear Processes Using On-line Simulation and Rule Based Control Radu Bălan, Vistrian Măties, Olimpiu Hancu Romania
Kol-0155 Special Design Tools on FIFO-based VLSI Target Architectures and their Application Péter Keresztes, Timót Hídvégi, Gheorghe Sebestyen Hungary, Romania Final Paper
Kol-0156 A Low Cost Solution for the Navigation Problem of Wheeled Mobile Robots in Intelligent Space R.-E. Precup, S. Preitl, C. Szabó, P. Korondi, P. Szemes Romania, Hungary, Japan
Kol-0157 Neural Networks - Based Quality Control of Cutting in Road Rolling Machine S. Bouhouche, M. Lahreche, J. Bast Algeria, Germany Final Paper
Kol-0158 Argumentation Based Negotiation in Multi-agents Application Ivana Budinská, Baltazár Frankovic Slovakia Final Paper
Kol-0159 A Novel Approach to Improve the Performance of MPLS-based VPN Geng Yanhui, Sun Qiong, Chen Yuzhong, Yu Nenghai China Final Paper
Kol-0160 Design and Implementation of an Expert System to Analyse and Parse Arabic Texts S. Mouti, F. Sukkar Syria Final Paper
Kol-0161 A Temporal Extension of a Spatial Relational Model Ágnes B. Novák, Zoltán Ludányi, Márton Bérces, Zsolt Tuza Hungary
Kol-0162 Ontology utilization in MARABU – a support system for modeling, simulation and control design Ivana Budinská, T.- Tung Dang Slovakia Final Paper
Kol-0163 Control Problems of Manufacturing Systems János Somló Hungary Plenary
Kol-0164 Process Based Associative Configuration of Robot System with Extended Sets of Features László Horváth, Imre. J. Rudas, Spyros G. Tzafestas Hungary Full Paper
Kol-0165 Intelligent Robotic Aids Help Mars Exploration Antal K. Bejczy USA Plenary
Kol-0166 Mathematical Model of the Approximate Reasoning in FLC Systems with Uninorm-residuum Márta Takács Hungary Full Paper Notification
Kol-0167 Intelligent Decision Support Systems for Industrial Applications F. G. Filip Romania Plenary Final Paper
Kol-0168 The Function-Controlled Input Unit for the IN CIRCUIT Equipment György Györök Hungary Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0169 Application of Extended Numerical Approximation of Fractional Order Derivatives in Adaptive Control József K. Tar, János F. Bitó, José A. Tenreiro Machado, Domonkos Tikk Hungary, Portugal Full Paper Notification
Kol-0170 Automatic 3D Modeling Based on Soft Computing Techniques András Rövid, Annamária R. Várkonyi-Kóczy, Maria de Graca Ruano Hungary Full Paper Notification
Kol-0171 Robot Programming Based on Ubiquitous Sensory Intelligence Andor Gaudia, Barna Reskó, Trygve Thomessen, Péter Korondi Hungary, Norway Full Paper Notification
Kol-0172 Process Manager for Real-Time Management of the Tasks in a Power Substation Liana M. Cipcigan, Mirceal Chindris, Adrian, F. Rusu Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0173 Denotational Prototype Semantics for a Simple CSP-like Language Eneia Todoran, Nikolaos Papaspyrou, Kalman Pusztai Romania, Greece Full Paper Notification
Kol-0174 Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0175 Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0180 Directional Grid Based Map Building Algorithm for Mobile Robot K. M. Chow, A. B. Rad, Y. L. Ip Hong Kong
Kol-0181 A Mutipath Mechanism Applied to Traffic Engineering In MPLS Network Sun Qiong, Geng Yanhui, Wang Hui, Yu Nenghai China Final Paper
Kol-0182 Bayesian Trading Agent Calin Cenan Romania Final Paper
Kol-0183 Web Mining with Self-Organizing Maps Emil St. Chifu, Ioan Alfred Letia Romania Final Paper
Kol-0184 Atypical Case Based Reasoning Retrieval Analogy Savvas J. Nikolaidis Greece Final Paper
Kol-0185 Using the Invariant Optimal Assignment of a k-out-of-n: G system to Test the Effectiveness of Genetic Algorithms Leow Soo Kar, Koh Sue-Yi Malaysia
Kol-0186 Speech Recognition System Using Speech Coding on EVM TMS320C541 Board Eugen Lupu, Petre G. Pop, Mircea Patras Romania Final Paper
Kol-0187 Collaborative Design for Manufacture – Metal Casting Applications R G Chougule, B Ravi India Final Paper
Kol-0188 Simulation of Non-Linear Robot Position-Controller for Improvement of Adaptivity István Szénásy Hungary Final Paper
Kol-0189 The Helping Hand in Humanoid Robot Learning Artur M. Arsenio USA Final Paper
Kol-0190 Dynamic Reconfigurable System Using Modular Design and JBits Zoltan Baruch Romania Final Paper
Kol-0191 Directional Grid Based Map Building Algorithm for Mobile Robot K. M. J. Chow, A. B. Rad Hong Kong Final Paper
Kol-0192 Using Fuzzy Decision Trees for Authentication via Keystroke Timings M. R. Goodarzi, M. R. Kangavari Iran Final Paper
Kol-0193 Rational Frenet-Serret Curves and Rotation Minimizing Frames in Spatial Motion Design Reza Ravani, Ali Meghdari, Bahram Ravani Iran Final Paper
Kol-0194 Safe Ways in Models for Safety Critical Systems Miklós Szíjártó, Gábor Kallós, Tamás Hajba Hungary
Kol-0195 Time Delay Compensation for Networked Control Systems Péter Szemes, Sándor Kerekes, Balázs Magyar, Zoltán Förhécz Hungary Final Paper
Kol-0196 Contributions to Develop the Modern Technical Solutions for Increase of Maintenance and Reliability of Underground Power Lines Iosif Lingvay, Calin Homan, Adrian B. Spanu Romania Final Paper
Kol-0197 General Method for the Kinematical Modeling of the Hexapodous Robots Nicolae Dumitru, Mirela Cherciu Romania Final Paper
Kol-0198 Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0199 Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0200 Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0201 Development Environment for Controller Desing using HIL Simulation P. Dobra, F. Hurgoi, M. Dumitrean, D. Moga, M. Trusca Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0202 Adaptive Tracking Control Algorithm for a Robot Manipulators System Mirela Trusca, Gheorghe Lazea, Petru Dobra Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0203 A General Smith-Waterman Algorithm Implementation Using the CREC Reconfigurable Computer Balint Szente Octavian Crep Zsolt Mathe Cristian Vancea Florin Rusu Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0204 AI Clustering Techniques: a New Approach to Object Oriented Database Fragmentation Adrian Sergiu Darabant Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0205 Design Method for Vector Control System Implementations József Vásárhelyi, Tihamér Ádám, Mária Imecs, Sergiu Nedevschi Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0206 Enhanced Method for Voltage-Hertz Control of Induction Motor Drives Ioan Iov Incze, Maria Imecs, Csaba Szabó Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0207 Minimum Transistor Loss Control of an Induction Heating Inverter with LLC Resonant Load András Kelemen, Iuliu Szekely Nimród Kutasi Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0208 Multiresolution Analysis in ECG Signal Processing Zoltan Germán-Salló Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0209 Hierarchical Clustering in Object Oriented Data Models with Complex Class Relationships Adrian Sergiu Darabant, Alina Campan, Octavian Cret Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0210 Target Signature Analysis Via Humanoid Machine Vision System Marius Patko Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0211 Agent-Based Web Search Using Evolutionary Strategies I. A. Letia, S. Mathe. R. Slavescu Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0212 Searching the World-Wide-Web with Learning Agents I. A. Letia, R. Vartic, A. Marginean Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0213 Using Agent Similarities in Business Rules for the Supply Chain I. A. Letia, A. Groza Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0214 Artificial Potential Method for Control of a Tentacle Manipulator M. Ivanescu Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0215 Romanian Speech Enabled Human Computer Interaction System Applied for Information Retrieval M. Giurgiu Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0216 Suboptimal Dual Control using Approximation Functions M. Preda, D. Popescu Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0217 Database Security Model – A Case Study R. Dollinger Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0218 Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0219 Fuzzy Based Sliding Controller for Brushless DC Motor R. Calin, I. Birou Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0220 Studies Regarding the Design of Spray-Painting Robotized Cells A. Pisla, S. Hovath Romania Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0221 On Investigating the Security and Fairness of a Fair Exchange Protocol using Logic-based Verification Tom Coffey, Marian Ventuneac Full Paper Notification Final Paper
Kol-0222 Mood Based Services for Mobile Phone Environment Kuderna-Iulian Benta, Razvan Padurean, Marcel Cremene, Mircea-Florin Vaida Full Paper Notification Final Paper