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Cluj International Airport, 5 miles from downtown Cluj
Domestic flights: daily flights to / from Bucharest and Timisoara
International flights: scheduled flights to/ from several cities in Austria, Italy, Germany and Hungary

Train Station

Cluj Train Station (Gara Cluj)
Strada Garii nr. 1-3, Cluj (2 miles from downtown)
Daily connections to / from any city in Romania
Daily connections to / from Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic

International Bus Companies serving Cluj

ATLASSIB scheduled bus service to Austria, Hungary, Germany, Serbia, Italy, France, Sweden www.atlassib.ro
CALIBRA scheduled bus service to Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France
TRANS EUROPA scheduled bus service to Germany, Netherlands
UNIFIX scheduled bus service to Germany GETTING TO CLUJ NAPOCA



The TAROM domestic flight from Bucharest (from Otopeni Airport) to Cluj-Napoca takes a little about an hour. The airport is located in the east side of the city. There are bus and taxi connections from/to the airport.

Cluj-Napoca has an international airport. There are direct flights to/from Budapest, Treviso, Bolognia, Vienna, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Muenchen (operated by CarpatAir and Tarom). Current schedules are:




Depending on where you're coming from, you'll easily find trains that pass through Cluj-Napoca because the city is an important railway node. Here are the intercity trains connecting Cluj-Napoca with nearby cities:



The closest border crossing point and the one that allows the highest traffic is BORS, about 180km W-NW of Cluj-Napoca, at about 20km west from Oradea. There are two other border crossing points within the border with Hungary at NADLAC and PETEA (near Satu-Mare), but they offer longer routs to Cluj-Napoca.

The map of Romania and the maps provided by TURISMINFO and should help.