INES 2005
9th International Conference on Intelligent Engineering Systems 2005
September 16-19, 2005
Cruising on Mediterranean Sea
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List of Papers

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Paper ID #Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFinal PaperRegistration
001Plenary Paper
Human Adaptive Mechatronics
Satoshi Suzuki, Fumio HarashimaJapan
002Centralized and Decentralized Applications of a Novel Adaptive ControlJózsef K. Tar, Imre J. Rudas, János F. Bitó, J. A. Tenreiro MachadoHungary, PortugalRegistration
003Software for Co-ordinate MeasurementGyula HermannHungary
004Mathematical Investigations in Network PropertiesGyörgy HermannHungary
005Multi Agent Approach to the Creation of Intelligent Distributed Control SystemBaltazár FrankovicSlovakia
006Evaluation of Course Model for Implementation of Virtual Classroom in Higher Education PracticeJózsef Gáti, Gyula KártyásHungaryRegistration
007Performace Analysis of Incremental Update of Association Rules Mining ApproachesMuhaimenul Adnan, Reda Alhajj, Ken BarkerCanada
008Adoption of Advanced Manufacturing Technology - New Trends in the Czech RepublicJosef Hynek, Václav JanečekCzech Republic
009Spatial - temporal ModellingDana Klimešová, Eva OcelíkováCzech Republic, Slovak Republic
010Quality Assurance for Electronic Systems Using Fault Tree AnalysisMarianna Lendvay, Attila L. BencsikHungaryRegistration
011Intelligent Control Software for Industrial CNC MachinesAntónio Ferrolho, Manuel Crisóstomo, Miguel LimaPortugal
012Parallel Processing Method based on Equivalent TransformationHidemi Ogasawara, Kiyoshi Akama, Hidekatsu Koike, Hiroshi Mabuchi, Yusuke SaitoJapan
013A Programming Language Interpreter System Based on Equivalent TransformationHidekatsu Koike, Kiyoshi Akama, Hiroshi MabuchiJapan
014Plenary Paper
Hybrid Dynamical Method of FMS Scheduling – A New Level of Intelligence and Automation
János SomlóHungaryRegistration
015Parallel Processing of Continuous Data StreamsAntal BuzaHungary
016Biased Discriminant Analysis based on Generalized Singular Value Decomposition in Content-based Image RetrievalJing LiCountryFinal PaperRegistration
017System I4ControlŽ: Contactless Control PCMarcela Fejtová, Jan FejtCzech RepublicFinal PaperRegistration
018Accessing Data in the Semantic Web: An Intelligent Data Integration and Navigation ApproachesMourad OuziriFranceRegistration
019Reasoning about Dependencies in Partial Knowledge BasesMirko MalekovicCroatia
020Infatuation in Multi-Agent SystemsMirko Malekovic, Mirko CubriloCroatia
021Paper TitleJózsef TickHungary
022Modeling of Dynamical Systems and ApplicationsPiroska B. KisHungary
023Cooperative Evolutionary Sieving of the Hypothesis Space in GA based Concept LearningFilippo NeriItaly
024Some Classes of Binary Operations in Approximate ReasoningJózsef Tick, János FodorHungaryRegistration
025Feature Vector Generation for Image Integrity VerificationJózsef Lenti, István LoványiHungary
026Erasable, Semi-fragile Watermark Embedding Process for ImagesJózsef Lenti, István LoványiHungary
027PROFESY: Intelligent Global Energy ManagementThomas Rausch, Peter PalenskyAustria
028Intelligent Spatial Block Arrangement Scheduling for Shipbuilding IndustryRanjan Varghese, Duck Young YoonSouth KoreaFinal PaperRegistration
029Intelligent Sensors for Measurement of Neuromotor Functionality by Finger Motion ControlAlberto Rovetta, Marita CaninaItaly
030Software Reconfigurable Signal Diagnosis in Embedded CAN Networked SystemsDénes FodorHungaryRegistration
031Reducing of the Load Effect by Inductive Link in the Implantable SystemsMondher Chaoui, Hamadi Ghariani, Mongi Lahiani, Fayçal Sellami, Richard Perdriau, Mohamed RamdaniTunisie, France
032Configuration of EEG Input-unit by Electric Circuit EvolutionGyörgy Györök, Margit MakóHungary
033Sigma-delta Look-up Table Based Half-sine Pulse ShaperTomislav Matic, Marijan Herceg, Tomislav SvedekCroatia
034A Case Study on Automation of Verification LogicsReiner Dojen, Tom CoffeyIreland
035Stationary-Frame Vectorized Current Controller for Field-Oriented Induction Motor DriveIoan Iov Incze, Maria Imecs, Csaba SzabóRomaniaRegistration
036An Approach to Collaborative Scheduling through Group Decision SupportAna Almeida, Goreti MarreirosPortugalRegistration
037An Artificial System for Visual Perception in Autonomous RobotsBenjamin Auffarth, Yasumasa Muto, Yasuharu KuniiJapan, Germany
038Multi-Sensors Switch Technique in Multi-bases SystemYanhua Liu, Weidong Chen, Dongjin WangChina
039Application of System of Positional Recognition of Parts in Hybrid Assembly of Electrotechnic ProductsLadislav Madarász, J. Kovác, Rudolf Andoga, K. SenderskáSlovakiaRegistration
040Proposed Parallel and Distributed Architectures for Behavioral AnimationLiberios Vokorokos, Slavomír PetríkSlovakia
041Human-Computer Communication in Intelligent Engineering Processes at Extended CompaniesLászló Horváth, Imre J. RudasHungary
042Classification of Time Series Using Singular Values and Wavelet Subband Analysis with ANN and SVM ClassifiersBalázs Benyó, Péter Somogyi, Péter Várady, Béla PalánczHungaryRegistration
043Novel Communication Services Based on ENUM TechnologyBalázs Benyó, F. Hatwágner, T. Heckenast, K. Kovács, Á. Varga, N. VarjasiHungary
044Mobile Learning at the Technical University of KošicePavol Galajda, Stanislav Marchevský, Dušan Kocur, Stanislav BenčoSlovakiaRegistration
045Scheme Implementation of the Functional Language for Mobile Agents with Dynamic ExtensionYasushi Kambayashi, Munehiro TakimotoJapan
046Reconstruction of Myocardial Short-scan SPECT ImagesÁkos Szlávecz, Balázs Benyó, Péter Várady, Tamás BükkiHungary
047Thesaurus and Ontology: a Formalism of Generic Inheritance of Conceptual CharacteristicsRudolf Ungváry, Tamás RadnaiHungaryRegistration
048Off-line Mobile Robot Path Planning Process with Given MLE and Constructing the Safety Final RouteIstván NagyHungary
049Composing the Methods' Concepts : An Approach to Generating Hybrid MethodsMaryam Tayefeh Mahmoudi, Kambiz BadieIranFinal PaperRegistration
050The Construction of the Information Graph - the Underlying Structure of the Tactile Map of the Urban SpacesRajko MahkovicSlovenia
051CLP - Based Approach to Decision Making Aimed at Production Orders PrototypingIzabela Tomczuk, Wojciech Muszynski, Zbigniew BanaszakPolandRegistration
052Different Affine Decompositions of the Prototypical Aeroelastic Wing Section Model by the TP Model TransformationPéter Baranyi, Péter L. Várkonyi, Yeung YamHungaryRegistration
053Different Affine Decompositions of the TORA Model by the TP Model TransformationZoltán Petres, Péter L. Várkonyi, Péter Baranyi, Péter KorondiHungaryRegistration
054A New Algorithm for RNO-INO Type Tensor Product Model RepresentationPéter L. Várkonyi, Domonkos Tikk, Péter Korondi, Péter BaranyiHungaryRegistration
055Investigation of the Approximation Accuracy of the TP Model Transformation through the Prototypical Aeroelastic Wing and the TORA SystemZoltán Petres, Tamás KissHungaryRegistration
056Classification of Demographic HIV/AIDS Data Using Neural NetworksJonathan SpillerSouth AfricaFinal PaperRegistration
057Tools and Intelligent Methods in Enterprise ModelingLadislav Madarász, Michal Raček, Martin Kováč, Maroš TimkoSlovakia
058Genetic Algorithms for the Integrated Synthesis and Design of Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor SystemsSilvana Revollar, Rosalba Lamanna, Pastora VegaVenezuela, SpainRegistration
059The G-Calculus Based Compositional Rule of InferenceMárta TakácsHungary
060Application of Infrared Imaging in Rehabilitation Medicine in Spinal Cord Injured IndividualsJozef Živčák, Radovan Hudák, Peter KneppoSlovakiaRegistration
061Visual Cortex Inspired Intelligent ContouringBarna Reskó, Zoltán Petres, A. Róka, Péter BaranyiHungaryRegistration
062A New Feature Vector for ANN Training to Identify Gear FaultsM. H. Sadeghi, J. Rafiee, A. Harifi, F. ArvaniIranRegistration
063Standard Deviation of Wavelet Packet Coefficients for ANN Training to Detect Faulty BearingsM. H. Sadeghi, J. Rafiee, F. Arvani, A. HarifiIranRegistration
064Combining Spatial and Topological Data in a Spatiotemporal Relational ModelÁgnes B. Novák, Zsolt TuzaHungary
065Optimal Life-time Maintenance Policy and Deterioration ProcessAndrás Bakó, Lajos TóthHungaryRegistration
066Fuzzy Based Brightness Compensation for High Dynamic Range ImagesAnnamária R. Várkonyi-Kóczy, András Rövid, Péter VárlakiHungary
067Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFinal PaperRegistration